Country: Germany

The Union of German-Syrian Associations - Verband Deutsch-Syrischer Hilfsvereine e.V. (VDSH) - is an umbrella organization of currently 23 member associations of various sizes and capacities throughout Germany. VDSH members are NGOs founded by German Syrians who have lived here for decades or were born here and NGOS which were founded by newly arrived Syrians, as well as by Germans without a migration background, who are connected to Syria and the region for professional, academic or personal reasons.The VDSH NGO members work in the fields of: Humanitarian aid and development in Syria and neighbouring countries, and on integration/participation of Syrians in Germany. VDSH’s Mission is to assist its member organizations through: projects, consultancy, and support in fund acquisition and redistribution; training and capacity building; networking and information sharing; and representation of their interests towards policy makers, the public and civil society stake holders.

Web: www.verband-dsh.de

Social Media: Facebook

Contact: info@verband-dsh.de