Country: Austria

Union of Syrians Abroad

Founded in 2011, the mission of the Union of Syrians Abroad, or UoSA, was initially to assist Syrians in Syria by providing emergency humanitarian relief. Longer-term projects have included the construction of a hospital, infrastructure-building initiatives and food delivery, among other examples.

The UoSA plans to professionalise the umbrella and add integration projects in Europe. For example, by offering capacity building to government-appointed advisors for newly arrived Syrians.


  • UoSA is a unique umbrella where each country acts as a member organisation, spread across 14 European countries.
  • 11 board members.
  • Volunteers who pay a considerable monthly membership fee.

Web: www.syriansabroad.org

Social Media: Facebook

Contact: Mohammed al Kodmani / malkodmani@gmail.com

How the UoSA provides immediate relief on the ground

The Union of Syrians Abroad, which has one-person teams in 14 countries has managed to mobilise a large number of projects via volunteers. Their projects on the ground include delivery of food, medical supplies and clothing, as well as psychological support sessions in Gaziantep in Turkey. They have provided medical points in remote rural areas and a cooperative project with Talbiseh City Council was able to donate an oven for baking bread inside Syria.

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Food delivery through the ‘Good Baskets’ campaign

One of UoSA’s most ambitious projects was the construction of a 42-bed hospital in Suran, a town in Hama governorate inside Syria, with donations of supplies, beds, X-ray machines, ambulances and equipment from all of UoSA’s branches across Europe.

UoSA is only run by volunteers, said Muhammad Ali of the Austrian branch. But, he noted, “we are flexible, highly motivated and can respond quickly to urgent cases.”