Country: Denmark

Syrian Network in Denmark

As a relatively new umbrella starting work in 2019, the organisation's mission is to offer a meeting space for Syrian individuals and NGOs in Denmark, where they have the potential to work together on two levels:

  • Externally, by supporting people in Syria and in neighbouring countries, in areas such as children's education, health, women’s rights and capacity building.
  • Internally, to support Syrian individuals and CSOs here in Denmark. Support might cover topics such as integration, employment, education and the rights of Syrians in Denmark.

This newer umbrella currently has four organisations and regular contact with six to seven other organisations. Plans to extend the umbrella are underway.

Local activities undertaken by some of the organisations in this umbrella in their own cities include teaching mother tongues (Arabic and Kurdish) and providing activities for children and women. Other organisations work on the cultural side to present multiple aspects of Syrian culture to Danish society. Some work on issues pertinent to refugees and newcomers. There are plans to fund projects in collaboration with local partners in Syria and neighbouring countries.

Web: None

Social Media: None

Contact: Hozan Ibrahim / hozan@syrian-network.dk