Berlin Workshop: 22. - 23. June 2019

Strategy planning, outreach and more knowledge share – A Berlin Workshop for Syrian CSOs Networks in Europe

As part of the Peer-2-Peer workshops for Syrian Civil Society networks in Europe, the VDSH has conducted its 3rdworkshop with different representative from these networks in Berlin on 22nd– 23rdof June 2019. The workshop set to continue the efforts to bring different experiences and skills together and exchange knowledge on how to develop the work of these NGOs and advocate for principles. 

In this workshop, participants from SCAN UK, the Swedish Syrian Network, Group of Syrian NGOs in Denmark, and the Union of Syrians Abroad from Austria have attended the workshop and spoke out about the challenges and the needs facing their work and alliances. 

The workshop has included several introductions and presentations on: Strategic planning; Why strategy planning? Tools for strategic planning? Strategy development Process? 

Afterward, that attendants have participated on an exercise on determining the basics for their future strategy. 

As important as strategy planning, a session on project development took place and has been moderated by Hannah-Sophie Wahle from IOM-UN Migration. The session included a presentation on best practice of project development and an exercise on design thinking for NGOs. 

On the second day of the workshop, the participants have been introduced to outreach planning and how to conduct an outreach work plan. Moreover, VDSH has discussed with the participants the tools used for their internal and external communication and how to develop that further. 

Finally, and since VDSH is working on launching a website (WASL) to present the work of Syrian CSOs networks in Europe to interested stakeholders, participants have exchanged ideas and recommendations on how better present the Syrian Civil society in Europe. 

VDSH and other representative of Syrian CSOs Networks have agreed on continuing the efforts to bring expertise, skills and exchange information among each other.