Country: France

CODSSY - le Collectif de Developpement et Secours Syrien / The Syrian Development and Relief Collective - founded in Paris 22 October 2012, is a humanitarian non-governmental, non-profit humanitarian organisation. CODSSY’s mission is to bring emergency aid to victims of the Syrian conflict no matter their ethnicity, confession or socio-economic status. Faced with the scale and the variety of needs of the affected populations, CODSSY provides support in the fields of health, nutrition, education, psychology, and legal assistance. With its member organisations, CODSSY is active in Syria and the neighbouring countries. CODSSY is based on Work Ethics that include: Promotion of Cooperation: By working in networks and coordinating its activities with other bodies and local actors who share its values and vision.Transparency: Through different implementations; 1- Justifying expenditure, 2- Reports, 3- Field Evaluations, 4- Project Sustainability, 5- Project Viability. 

Web: www.codssy.org

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Contact: Jade Kahhaleh / jade.kahhaleh@codssy.org