About WASL

The NGO members of these umbrella networks are working towards ensuring a dignified life for Syrians in Syria and abroad. The core values of these networks are democratic ones like : freedom, dignity, cooperation, empowerment, participation, sustainability, inclusivity and a prosperous future. Find out more about each network and its members in the following pages.

With more than one million Syrians that entered Europe in the last five years, the Syrian diaspora in Europe has succeeded in establishing the basis for a vast network of civil society actors in their host countries, working for Syrians in Syria, in the neighboring countries, and in the diaspora. 

Currently, the European region is witnessing political changes that affect the decisions and the policies toward Syria and the region, thus it has become necessary for the various Syrian civil society actors to have more engagement, more credibility, and better functionality. Consequently, networking among different Syrian NGOs and Networks of NGOs in Europe has become essential in order to maximize engagement, become liable partners for European countries who are directly involved with the Syrian issue, and weigh on the decision process shaping Syria’s future in a positive way, while insuring sustainability and development through service.  

In September 2018, VDSH conducted its first Peer-to-Peer workshop in Berlin with the participation of different Syrian CSOs Networks established in Europe. The aim of the workshop was to tackle the challenges these networks face, find common areas of interest, and hence, suggest adequate solutions. With the focus on topics such as ‘Project Sustainability’, ‘Funding Management’, ‘Development Management’ and other topics related to the structure of each organization, the participants agreed on the necessity of skill sharing and exchange of experiences.

In April 2019, and with new members joining, VDSH conducted another workshop in Stockholm to build on the outcomes of the first workshop. The second workshop focused on NGOs internal structures, and how to best foster skill sharing and exchange expertise. 

Main Mission

Self-empowerment & exchange of Syrian Civil Society national umbrella networks in Europe

Peer-2-peer learning in organisational development

Facilitate communication among Syrian Civil Society national umbrella networks in Europe

Vision Statement

Create a bridge between Syrian Civil Society Networks in Europe for better visibility and representation.

This website will serve as the platform where Syrian CSOs Networks present their work and projects, communicate with stakeholders, exchange skills and experiences, and learn through trainings available to them and their NGO members.